Ink Portraitures & TAVART

Early in my career, I realized I had the mindset of an entrepreneur and started my own business as a designer/builder. My girlfriend at the time was taking an art class and her assignment was to do a 15 minute sketch of someone in pencil. That someone was me. When the 15 minutes were up, I told her I thought she could improve by doing certain things. Although my experience at that time was limited to architectural drafting, I offered to draw an image of her to explain my critique. When my 15 minutes were up, we both looked at what I had drawn and realized that I had an innate ability to draw with proportion and character. How cool, I thought.

From that moment on, I connected with the artist in me, drawing portraitures of friends and family in pencil at first, later switching to ink and a technique called stippling (drawing with tiny dots using various sizes of repitograph pens). As my drawings became more elaborate and detailed, I developed a unique style that became my look. Eventually, I decided to reproduce my original drawings with limited edition Giclee prints on paper and acrylic. As exciting as it was to see my work professionally reproduced, I wasn't done creating. I decided to go big and came up with a concept called TAVART, a multi-media presentation for my artwork that included the use of LED lighting. Today, the TAVART format can be used as wall art for digital photography or as displays for the entertainment industry.


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