After 17 years in the construction industry as a general contractor, dba Brahma House, I became interested in architectural ceramics and changed my focus to manufacturing large tiles. When 9/11 crushed my dreams of building a successful architectural ceramic company with Claystone Architectural Ceramics, I went back into the construction industry working on estate-sized homes. I spent some time working as a craftsman on Wayne & Janet Gretzky's home in Lake Sherwood, then it was off to Malibu and a beachfront home designed by my favorite architect Brian Lerman, arc Design Group, Inc. This is where I "cut my teeth" on building BIG, and was immediately drawn to it. I thought to myself; if I am going to build, I am going to build BIG. So I did that!


I went on to become an independent project manager and designer, working on some incredible estates in Lake Sherwood, Westlake Village, and Hidden Hills. The first house you see below is a transitional style Tuscan Castle I built for a client in Lake Sherwood. Completed in 2018, it has a spectacular view of the lake and a 270 degree view of the Lake Sherwood area.

There is something unique about building these mammoth structures. Most of them require structural steel to create the wide open spaces and concrete foundations that border on commercial construction. In the end, when it all comes together and power is pulsing through the infrastructure of the beast before you, photographs are taken, people show up daily to hear the stories and talk about the creation of this magnificence piece of art that has now claimed its spot on our planet. That is the moment you know why you do it over and over again.