In my early 20's, I became a licensed General Contractor, dba Brahma House, and started my own business as a designer/builder in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles, as well as the Hollywood Hills. One of my clients I was doing a project for asked me to do some modeling for a local magazine. In the process I developed an interest in photography, and the profession of Art Director in particular. As I enjoyed books and reading in my spare time, it was natural for me to take an interest in the imagery, composition and presentation magazines offered for creative visualization. Soon I was studying Architectural Digest on a regular basis, engrossed in architectural and interior design images. In-between monthly publications of the Digest, I collected the best design magazines I could find and studied them like it was a school class.

The backstory to this started in high school. I was an "A" student in drafting and really enjoyed it. After my short stay in college as an athletic major that didn't work out, I began working in the construction industry. I enrolled in a night course for architectural drafting. As I began the class, I landed a small project that required me to draw a set of construction plans for a remodeling project. I asked my drafting teacher if I could turn in the drawings from my project at the end of the course for my grade, instead of drawing the plans the rest of the class was working on. He said yes and I never went back to the class. I eventually finished the remodel and continued my career designing and building a wide variety of projects that ranged from custom furniture, architectural woodworking, cabinetry and kitchens, exterior hardscapes, specialty construction, remodels and house additions. Oh, I did finish my drafting class, and received an "A."